It’s a Pretty Good Night

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‘O Holy Night’
God’s de­light has come to your bro­ken hearts
Here is your Christ
He in­vites the losers to play a part

Being the first at last
Hearing the an­gels sing
Grace has a fun­ny way of giv­ing you every­thing

(Gloria) It’s a pret­ty good night to be the least of these
(Gloria) It’s a pret­ty good night to fall upon your knees
(Gloria) It’s a pret­ty good night for sin­ners like you and me
It’s a pret­ty good night, in­deed

Kings blind­ly slept
While shep­herds kept their watch through the dark­est hours
So tell me, do heav­ens hosts
Always come to those with no earth­ly pow­er

Calling the refugees
Calling the sec­ond best
Give Him your emp­ty hands
Bring Him your bro­ken­ness

“Pretty Good Night” from the al­bum Put Your Heart Where Your Head Is. Performed by Unsearchable Riches. ℗2006 Unsearchable Riches. Written by Jeremy Sorensen and Douglas McKelvey. ©2006 Songs Without Borders (SESAC)