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It’s a Pretty Good Night

‘O Holy Night’ God’s delight has come to your bro­ken hearts Here is your Christ He invites the losers to play a part Being the first at last Hear­ing the angels sing Grace has a funny way of giv­ing you every­thing (Glo­ria) It’s a pretty good night to be the least of these (Glo­ria) It’s […]

What Have You Done?

Sev­eral artists have cov­ered this one but Accep­tance gets bonus points for being one of the best bands to ever exist. This one isn’t for sale dig­i­tally, let’s just call it my sec­ond gift to you. So this is Christ­mas And what have you done? Another year over A new one just begun And so […]


When I was about six years old, I would sing my heart out to this tune blar­ing on the radio in my mom’s late-​eighties Honda Accord. It was an absolute high­light of Christ­mas­time. Sadly, it doesn’t have the same impact on me today but the sea­son just isn’t com­plete with­out this clas­sic. Enjoy The Boss’ […]

Trudging Onward

An unre­leased Christ­mas song from Owl City. I’ve also included a down­load link as my spe­cial gift from me to you. It’s Christ­mas and we walk alone Two strangers with no one to miss us On our own, out in the cold Trudg­ing onward, brav­ing a harsh win­ter storm You and I met pass­ing by […]

Lack of My Persistency

And with this Christ­mas wish is missed The point I could con­vey If only I could find the words to say To let You know how much You’ve touched my life Because here is where You’re find­ing me In the exact same place as New Year’s eve And from a lack of my per­sis­tency We’re […]