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You Got Me Restless

We’ve been on for a minute No more feel­ing alone We’re try­ing hard not to bruise it I said, “If forever’s gonna last then we’d bet­ter find the same direc­tion.” I’ve been gone for a minute I’ve been out on the road And the night got me think­ing Think­ing about lying in bed In the […]

These Mem­o­ries Are Noth­ing to Me

Stuck inside of the wrong frame I don’t feel attached to this name My body, I must reclaim With dif­fer­ent eyes and no shame Try, try to just hear me out Don’t ask why, why But I’m tak­ing this route It’s alright, right? That’s what I tell myself But I don’t know, no So I […]

I’m the Only One Here

Never took your side Never cursed your name I keep my lips shut tight Until you go We’ve come as far As we’re ever gonna get Until you real­ize That you should go I’m in mis­ery Where you can seem as old as your omens And the mother we share Will never keep your proud […]

Dreaming Has Left Me Numb

Des­tiny turned her face Night­mares and fallen shapes State of dream­ing has left me numb Blue eyes and wan­der­ing lips True lies with fin­ger­tips Hid­den tales of for­bid­den… Love — You’ve left me mis­er­able Maybe we’re just sleep­walk­ing Visions of bet­ter times King­doms and law have won Why did God fail to improve us Teardrops […]

Pleasure in a Costume

You and me Got our­selves a prob­lem I can see this Bet­ter than I solve ‘em I believed I found a way around it I will leave This bet­ter than I found it There’s too much smoke to see it There’s too much broke to feel this I love you, I love you And all […]